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The Missing Link research community is now in Scotland. And we are looking for Karateka who want to take the next step. Over the next years, we will open schools across the country. We would love to meet Karateka who want to join us in this venture or maybe even open their own school. 

This is Missing Link Martial Arts: 

  • We merge realism and tradition. A concept of learning and teaching that addresses the Missing Links between traditional martial arts and modern application.      

  • Japanese Karate as the foundation, connecting it to its Chinese roots, making it more versatile and comprehensive. We offer the fusion of internal and external martial arts.

  • Missing Link is an international community of curious, open minded Karateka who practice ShoShin – the beginner’s mind.

  • The community doesn’t waste much time on politics, but focuses on learning and teaching instead.

  • The Missing Link Online Dojo offers regular classes and a growing database of knowledge.

  • The community offers offline events, seminars, gradings and support.

The complete concept as a

book, including Curriculum

and three different forms

of syllabus. 

The book is available

for free as download

in our Online Dojo database. 


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What is your first step?  You can get in touch by filling the questionnaire below. We can meet via Zoom or face to face to have a little chat about your goals, your ideas and your skills and experience. 

The Missing Link concept is a great way to boost your Karate future - and it doesn't mean you have to leave your style or your organisation. You can sign up for the community, which includes the yearly license and access to the Online Dojo database. You can join the Online Dojo for a small monthly membership fee. Or you simply train and grow with us. 

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