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Understanding and recognising

urban violence and its sources

  • Victim – and offender – profiles

  • Personal limits and boundaries

  • Awareness and clear communication


Definition of violence

  • Understanding

  • Preventation & de-escalation


Personal experiences

  • Success stories

  • Exchange of experiences

  • Warning signs

Fear and stress

  • Physiological functions

  • Mental effects

  • Methods to cope


Assertiveness face to face

  • Typical conflict scenarios

  • Simple rhetoric for de-escalation

  • Body language


Physical self defence

  • A small set of simple techniques

  • Straightforward and pragmatic

  • High realism

  • Weapons yes or no?

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Weekend course Saturday/Sunday


Feel safer in your city. Know risks, mitigate conflict, learn "first aid self defence".  


The main focus of these classes is on assertiveness, the psychological readiness for possible conflict, de-escalation and a clear knowledge of risks and chances. We work from far distance to close distance, as practical as possible. 

August 2023, Weekend of 19th & 20th


Glasgow East End: The Wellbeing Hub, 14 Rogart Street, Glasgow G40

East Kilbride: The Village Centre,

12 Maxwell Drive, G74 4HG


Three hours per day.

£69, minimum attendance 6 people


Book now

with this form.

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Course East Kilbride

Saturday August 19th, 10am-1pm

Sunday August 20th, 10am-1pm


The Village Centre,

12 Maxwell Drive, G74 4HG

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Course Glasgow East End

Saturday August 19th, 3pm-6pm

Sunday August 20th, 3pm-6pm


The Wellbeing Hub, 14 Rogart Street, Glasgow G40

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