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Your gate to the world of martial arts

The ancient fighting arts are the greatest source of health and well-being. They connect body and mind like no other physical training, relief stress and help you through tough times. They are also great fun, shared with good people. 

The Beginner's Induction gives you an insight into Missing Link Martial Arts. It focuses on Renzoku Waza (flow drills), basic techniques and general principles. You will learn hands-on with Sensei Heero, Founder Circle Member of Missing Link, who just moved to East Kilbride a few months ago.

You are always welcome to join for sweat, fun and maybe a few bruises. Our intelligent approach to Martial Arts makes sure that serious injuries are avoided. 

We are training at The Village Centre in East Kilbride. In EK, we offer training four times a week with a rolling contract at £20.23 throughout the year 2023.

Why is this so cheap? Because we are new in EK, and we want to find many great people to train with.  Money should not be an obstacle. 

Missing Link Martial Arts connects tradition, modern applications and two of the biggest sources of Martial Arts: China and Japan. It unlocks the actual fighting content within the art and the philosophy behind it. We care deeply for Modern Application: Urban self defence, health and fitness, inner balance and well-being. 

The teacher is Sensei Heero Miketta, Founder Circle Member, has more than 35 years of martial arts experience, holds multiple black belts and is Founder Circle Member of the Missing Link Martial Arts Community. Originally German he spent many years in different countries (including China) before settling in Manchester as a teacher and writer. He moved to East Kilbride to build up Missing Link in Scotland in 2021. He will be supported by Sensei Chris Edwards, a Welshman with a background in the NHS. 


The Induction is free for everybody (ideally 18+, as we have dedicated kids classes). Find your flow, health, fitness and inner balance. Not all of it in the first lesson, but you will definitely: 

  • Punch

  • Kick

  • lock some joints

  • try flow drills

  • get some hints for posture, relaxation
    and everyday training

  • find out about general martial arts principles

Every lesson includes valuable information for coping with conflicts, self defence and personal health and fitness. It will give you an insight into martial arts and help you decide whether this is something you want to do more often. 

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