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This is Missing Link Martial Arts: 

  • We merge realism and tradition. A concept of learning and teaching that addresses the Missing Links between traditional martial arts and modern application.      

  • Japanese Karate as the foundation, connecting it to its Chinese roots, making it more versatile and comprehensive. We offer the fusion of internal and external martial arts.

  • Missing Link is an international community of curious, open minded Karateka who practice ShoShin – the beginner’s mind.

  • The community doesn’t waste much time on politics, but focuses on learning and teaching instead.

  • The Missing Link Online Dojo offers regular classes and a growing database of knowledge.

  • The community offers offline events, seminars, gradings and support.

The complete concept as a

book, including Curriculum

and three different forms

of syllabus. 

The book is available

for free as download

in our Online Dojo database. 


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This is the Instructor Course: 

Section One: Understanding your Students

● Coaching, Teaching, and Instructing, which do you do?

● Age and Stage of Participants

● Athlete Development


Section Two: Class Dynamics and Management

● Group Management

● Class Set Up and Duties

● SessionWriting


Section Three: Missing Link Martial Arts

● Curriculum and Syllabus

● Kata - Form and Application

● Understanding of the Missing Link Community

● History of Martial Arts and Missing Link


Section Four: Fear - Violence Prevention Training

● What is Fear?

● The Chemical Cocktail of Fear

● Symptoms of Fear

● The Subconscious and Fear

● The Function of Fear

● Reactions of Fear

● What is Violence?

● When is Violence Acceptable

● The Law, Violence and Self-defence


Section Five: Exam Preparation

● Portfolio of Work

● Further Development of Skill

Responsible for the Instructor course

... is Sensei Matt Law, Chief Instructor Scotland of the Missing Link Community and working as a consultant for Martial Law Dojo. Matt has a BSc (Hons) in Sport, Fitness and Coaching with a focus on Sports Psychology. He taught both domestically, in Scotland, and internationally in Europe and America. 

Get in touch with him via


The next Instructor Course:


September 30th/October 1st 2023


Organised by Manchester Karate 

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